FRENKEN is an Amsterdam based fashion house which journey started back in 2018 led by Erik FRENKEN, the Creative Director, aiming to fulfill the gap between classic and avant-garde.

Mixing the iconic with cutting edge details, it’s a womenswear brand (for now!) inspired by traditional menswear tailoring. FRENKEN pushes the boundaries of creativity, curating the wardrobe as a true masterpiece, making each woman to feel excitement, self-loved and self-empowered. Stated as a brand of “Creative Classics”, it’s not for everyone, but anyone who dares to wear it will witness the lux of fitting & touching.

The early journey of FRENKEN already took it to four continents, over dozens of retail boutiques and it’s just starting.        
Conscient of the impact of fashion in both Planet and People, FRENKEN approach is always to choose less but to choose better, after all, “all we need is less”. Less waste, less impulsive decisions and less loss. Quality over quantity, uniqueness over standard and this is why every collection is produced in controlled quantities, with the highest of the quality. Curious enough?

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