FRENKEN is committed to be a responsible and fashion-conscientious label. The path to sustainability is an ongoing journey and the focus is to make future collections of investment pieces, those to be worn season over season, keeping the quality.

The quality and impact of the product throughout its lifecycle is carefully considered. Each one of FRENKEN style is fully controled, assuring every quality and ethical practices are complied with during the production processes. The garment will last longer and not only on a quality perspective. Each FRENKEN style is a statement, there are no outdated pieces, each purchase is a lifetime decision and commitment.

FRENKEN understands the thriver for fashion and for a newbie suit. As long as it’s a conscious purchase, only good things will come: buy once & buy well. This is the reason why free shipping to EU & UK is offered but returns must be borne to.
As a small brand producing controlled quantities, FRENKEN always stand for certified materials, locally sourced, keeping production less wasteful and also ensuring the uniqueness of each style.

Join the journey for unique and conscious style, wear the art and feel inspired.